THE woman

I’m the other woman no more, he left, we’ve moved in together into an adorable but huge four bed apartment and it feels like home already; we’ve only been here 2 weeks!

His ex took it well, she knew that it was broken, his kids like me and I love them, things couldn’t get much better at the moment. Even now, as he’s sat trying to fix the turblntable in the corner and I type this post – it is perfect.

To you other women, just know that if he truly loves you it can work out but don’t let him walk all over you!

Consider this a huge fuck you to all the synics who told me it would never work, he’d never leave or i was nothing but a fuck because we did it and we’re happier than can be!

With love-
THE woman and her man ❤


Night number 3

So my man is away on a summer holiday with his kids and annoyingly, her.
I miss him like crazy, tonight will be the third night without my evening conversation with him and it’s driving me do-lally! One more night until he’s home, 2 until I see him again, 4 nights until I can curl up with him again,  5 months until he’s all mine – finally. I wish I was better at waiting,  but I’m not, I’m fucking shit at it, but hey I’ve been waiting for over a year without and end in sight, at least I have something to count down to now I suppose. It’s just so damn hard with everything that’s happened recently, I want him now, I want us now. Not next week, not next month, not next year, now!

Questions and answers

Tell me does she look at you the way I do,
Try to understand the words you say,
and the way you move?
Does she get the same big rush,
When you go in for a hug and your cheeks brush?

– I know she doesn’t. I know because nobody looks at you the way I look at you, I try to understand you more than I’ve tried to understand anything and I know that nobody feels the way I do when they get to feel your skin against theirs.